Rana says RPP won’t accept ‘autocratic’ King

Melamchi, November 14:

The chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), Pashupati Shumsher JB Rana, has said his party would not accept autocratic monarchy.

Speaking at a meeting of district-level party workers at Melamchi Bazaar today, Rana said his party is committed to the ideals of constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy and added it would not agree to the King’s active leadership and ‘autocratic’ moves.

Stating that the February 1 royal takeover has hindered the democratic process, Rana stressed the need for all constitutional forces to unite in solving the problems facing the country.

Also stating that there will be no forging ties with the seven parties on the agenda of reinstatement of parliament, Rana said the present crises can only be solved by ‘inclusive election’ and an all-party government.

On the ongoing insurgency, Rana said, “We believe that the Maoists are a political power and hence the solution to this problem must be political.”

He further said the incumbent government has not been able to honour the freedom of speech, press freedom and other fundamental rights of the people.

“Talks of democracy doing the rounds are pointless when the peoples’ rights are being suppressed,” he added.

Asked to comment on some RPP leaders welcoming the February 1 takeover, Rana said, “This is entirely their personal views, but our party cannot support such an unconstitutional move.”

Speaking at the programme, Joint General Secretary of the Party, Khem Raj Pandit, said the Maoists must understand the political parties and added, “We will put our views before the people.” However, both the leaders refused to comment on the party’s possible participation in the seven parties’ ongoing movement.

Announcement of polls a ploy: RJP

Kathmandu: Terming the announcement of elections

a government strategy, sources at the Rastriya Janashakti Party (RJP) stated after a central committee meeting of the party on Monday that the party chief and former prime minister, Surya Bahadur Thapa, will air his views on whether to go for the polls or allay with the seven-party alliance during Tuesday’s meeting.

“Decision on the poll issue should not be made without doing an in-depth analysis,” Thapa was quoted as saying during Monday’s meeting.

Thapa claimed that the government, which was all set to “throw away” the 1990 constitution, was forced to make a “U-turn” following “immense pressure” from the political parties and the civil society. “This is a great achievement,” Thapa was quoted as saying. “Had we (RJP) not taken the initiatives to criticise vice-chairman’s (Dr Giri’s) controversial statement in Biratnagar and not asked the government to clarify it, the constitution would have been thrown away.” The central working committee (CWC) meeting

of the party, which got underway at the party office today, discussed the “future stra-tegy and work schedule on expansion of the organisation”. CWC leader Sarbendra Nath Shukla had presented the paper. — HNS