Ranipokhari drying up after quake

KHOTANG, August 9

Three months after the devastating earthquake that shook the country, Ranipokhari in Halesi, Khotang, has gone dry.

The water level has decreased in the pond after the April 25 disaster.

According to executive director Taman Rai of Haleshi Development Committee, water stopped coming out of the five spouts in the pond. “The water level in the pond had increased for some days after the earthquake,” he said, adding, “But, no single drop comes out from the taps now”.

The five water fountains in the pond have simply stopped working and there’s no water 

The locals in Haleshi Bazaar area are reeling under water crisis after water sources went dry. The locals along with devotees, who came to visit Haleshi Temple, have been facing water crunch. It is said that people of Haleshi Bazaar area have to walk for an hour-and-a-half to fetch drinking water.

Meanwhile, sources at Drinking Water and Sanitation Sub-division Office, Khotang, said the office has deployed a team of technicians to carry out a study.

Chairman Gajurman Rai of Haleshi Temple Management Committee said no work has been done to relieve the locals though different agencies had shown their concern.