Rare objects found in Tilaurakot palace

Kapilvastu, February 18:

Forty-eight different objects of archaeological importance have been found at the wall of Tilaurakot Palace at King Suddhodana’s capital, Tilaurakot. The objects were found when the wall at the south of western gate of the palace was excavated.

Up to six levels of the walls were also discovered from the excavation. Stone statues, bronze coins, iron pieces and bone pieces were unearthed. The excavation began from mid-December and lasted till the second week of February. The objects of archaeological importance including statues, elephant trunk and beads of necklaces were discovered, chief archaeological officer, Rajesh Mathema, said. The team led by Mathema had conducted the excavation. A trial trench was also dug at the excavation site. The team has stopped excavation works for this year. Mathema said it would be continued next year. Map of 84 meter-long excavated wall and trial trench is being prepared. Mathema said, “Archaeology Department is responsible for excavation while the Lumbini Development Trust is responsible for preservation.”