RJP-N bags highest number of PR votes

RAJBIRAJ: Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal garnered the largest number of votes in parliamentary election under proportional representation system in Saptari.

The party received 45,984 votes of the total 186,576 votes cast in the district. The Nepali Congress became the second largest party in terms of PR votes in parliamentary election with 42,728 votes.

The Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal obtained 32,856 votes followed by CPN-UML’s 29,420 votes under the PR system in the district. CPN-MC garnered 18,726 votes while Naya Shakti Party-Nepal obtained only 2,452 votes in the district.

Similarly, RJP-N obtained 42,600, Nepali Congress obtained 38,775 votes and Federal Socialist Forum- Nepal garnered 31,288 votes under PR system in provincial election in the district.

Likewise, UML garnered 28,090 votes, CPN-MC garnered 16,584 votes and Naya Shakti Party-Nepal garnered 2,771 votes in the district for provincial assembly seats.

Of the total 346,200 voters, a total of 236,800 votes were cast in the district.