Rautahat crusher industries face music

Rautahat, February 12

Representatives of Rautahat District Monitoring Committee carried out inspection of crusher industries operated in the district today.

The monitoring committee directed the operators of three crusher industries to shut down their industries after it was found that these industries were operating without permission from the authority concerned. Three industries at Bankul of Baudhimai Municipality,  Parsawa of Gajura Municipality and Bijayapur of Bijayapur Municipality were operating illegally.

The team reached Bagmati River’s Samanpur Ghat, Ramailo Ghat, Hardiya Ghat, Bagmati Ghat and Simri Ghat and directed crusher industries to abide by the government set rules while extracting river products. CDO Ghimire warned that action would be taken against people involved in illegal river mining.