Rautahat elderly man ostracised for leprosy

RAUTAHAT: A sexagenarian has been eagerly waiting for treatment of leprosy after being abandoned from his family due to his illness, in Rautahat district.

Inar Dev Ram of Namanagara, Basantapatti VDC-3 in the district, has been living on himself in a makeshift hut by the Gandak canal for a year.

After being diagnosed of leprosy some four years ago while he was in India as a migrant worker, he had to face some torrid time in his village back home.

The family as well as villagers ultimately abandoned Ram a year ago in fear of communicating the disease to others. At times, feared of catching the ailment, the villagers even refused to give water to him.

Ram is not in a state to prepare food for himself as exposure to fire worsens his pain.

So, left without any option, he is currently making his living by begging in and around the village.

Meanwhile, Nageshwor Jaiswal, Acting Chief at Rautahat District Public Health Office, said he was aware of Ram's situation and assured to provide medical treatment to Ram.