Rautahat Muslims launch anti-dowry campaign

Rautahat, November 6

The Muslim community of Rautahat in a strong show of protest against the dowry system and child marriage have reportedly launched a campaign,

The dowry system is still practiced in many parts of the world with women known to be harassed and tortured by husbands and in-laws, thus leading to suicide or murder. Religious and community leaders from the Muslim community organised a massive gathering in Rajapur today and pledged to end the dowry system practiced in the Muslim community.

“On the one hand, the dowry system puts extreme financial burden on the bride’s family and on the other it causes discord in her in-law’s home, so it must be abolished,” said Haji Jikurullaha, adding, “Islam never approves of the dowry system.”

The main guest of the programme, Hajarat Maulana Ijaharul Haq also dwelled on the issue and rued how the dowry system thrived in  Nepal and India.

Jamiyate Ulmae, principal of Mahamudiya Madrasa, clarified that they are not against any religion. “We’re not against any religion, instead we want to work towards eradicating the dowry system as well as child marriages,” he said, calling on the Muslim community to bring some reforms.

According to Haji Jikurullaha, an 11-member district-level monitoring committee would be formed to check if dowry is practiced in the Muslim community.