Raw deal bad for all sides, says Mahato

Kathmandu, January 18

Chairman of Sadbhawana Party Rajendra Mahato today met Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala and urged him to play proactive role to address the demands of the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front.

Talking to THT about his meeting with Koirala, Mahato said the ongoing agitation had overwhelming support of the people of Madhes and if the UDMF signed a raw deal with the major parties and the government, it would be bad for the agitating forces and also for the country.

Mahato told Koirala if the UDMF signed a raw deal, it would be deemed a sabotage in the Madhes and that would only strengthen the hands of secessionist forces and forces that want to resort to violence to settle political issues.

Mahato urged the NC President to try to find a solution to all issues, including a revision of provincial boundaries.

Mahato said he told Koirala that if the agitating forces were sidelined by mainstream forces of the country, Madhesis would no longer believe in peaceful resolution of their grievances and their disenchantment could give rise to violent activities in Madhes, which could also have spillover effect in India.

Mahato told Koirala that people of Madhes had voted for Nepali Congress with the hope that it would take care of their agendas, but the party failed to live up to their expectations in the constitution making process.

“I told Koirala that the NC failed to live up to Madhesis’ expectation during the constitution making process, but it could correct its mistake by playing a proactive role to address Madhesis’ concerns,” Mahato added.

Mahato told Koirala that NC leaders from Madhes were not in a position to go to Madhes to defend the role they played during the constitution making process as people of Madhes were angry with them.

On his part, Koirala told Mahato that he would take his observations seriously and try to ensure that his party played a role to address the grievances of Madhesi people.

NC negotiator Mahesh Acharya was also present in the meeting.