Rayamajhi backs parties-Maoist pact

Kathmandu, November 25:

Former Rajsabha Standing Committee chairman Dr Keshar Jung Rayamajhi today said the agreement between the agitating seven political parties and the Maoists is appreciable because it is an attempt to restore peace in the country. “It is a big achievement. We should always appreciate good things. As the parties-Maoist pact is directed toward restoring peace in the war-stricken country, we can’t help but appreciate it,” he said, addressing a programme at the Reporters’ Club.

“It is wonderful to learn that those who believe in the power of bullets have conceded that ballot and peaceful reconciliation is more powerful,” he said. When asked if the parties should be labelled fellows of terrorists, he said, “Why should the parties, who have convinced the Maoists to drop arms, be called terrorists?”

He further proposed the parties to ask the Maoists to give a convincing answer on why they disliked monarchy. Nepal does not need a constituent assembly because constitutional monarchy and the multi-party democratic system can solve all the problems, Rayamajhi said.

NC leader Dr Ram Sharan Mahat said, “The agreement is an important development in the peace-process. Maoists have said they would come to peaceful and democratic process and we can hope that they would minimise their donation and abduction drive,” he said.