Re-election in Rukum-west on December 1

Kathmandu, November 28

The Election Commission today decided to nullify elections held at two polling stations of Rukum-west on November 26 and hold re-elections there on December 1.

Re-election for parliamentary seats under the first-past-the-post system will be held at Ratna Ma Vi Kanda election centre (Ka) of Banfikot Rural Municipality-5, while re-election under the proportional representation system will be held at Nepal Rastriya Ma Vi Gattasaina election centre (Kha) of Aathbiskot Municipality-11.

The Election Commission has directed the office of the chief returning officer of the district to make necessary security arrangements and hold re-election at the two election centres. The commission has also directed the district election office to arrange necessary election materials except for ballot papers to hold the re-election.

The EC has also directed the office of the chief returning officer to open the ballot boxes of these two polling stations in the presence of representatives of political parties and district administration office, and burn them, according to an EC press statement.