Ready to face action if allegations proved: Minister Baskota

KATHMANDU: Minister for Communication and Information Gokul Prasad Baskota, who is at the centre of controversy following the release of an audio-tape in which his voice is heard negotiation, has defended himself saying that he will prove the allegations leveled at him untrue.

"I am ready to face action if the allegations leveled at me are proven. In case I am proven to be gulty, I should be held accountable individually and face trial not the party," Baskota said at a meet-and-greet programme organised by Nepal Communist party (NCP), Beldandi. "Some elements are keen to create a propaganda by giving this issue a political colour."

He tried arguing that his critics are inconsistent in their arguments in that they sometimes accuse him of taking bribe in millions and in billions the next moment. "I am not somebody who will run away from these charges, I will face them."

The minister further said that he would speak in detail about the charge against him after returning to Kathmandu. Baskota reached Kanchanpur on Wednesday to attend a few events. He is slated to return to Kathmandu today.