Rebel cops’ release plea to Prachanda

Dang, October 20:

Policemen, imprisoned in Tulsipur prison for their involvement in the mutiny in Banke’s Riot Control Battalion, today sent memorandums to the the PM, demanding their release.

They also sent the memos to nine other government offices. Demanding their release and rehabilitation, they have been staging a relay hunger strike since Friday. According to the memorandum, the rebel policemen said they were jailed for “fighting against injustice” within the police organisation. They have demanded that they be immediately released, their jobs restored and the Police Act 2012 scrapped.

Twenty seven policemen have signed the memorandums sent to the PMO, the Constituent Assembly Secretariat, Home Ministry, Law, Justice and Constituent Assembly Affairs Ministry, Police Headquarters, National Human Rights Commission and political parties in Dang. The memorandums were also sent to Dang-based media houses. They were jailed on September 1 following a direction of the police special court.