Rebuilding sans land certificates

Kavre, January 24

Scores of earthquake victims without land ownership certificates in the two wards of Bhumlu Rural Municipality in Kavre have intensified the reconstruction of their houses after they received government housing grant, of late.

The victims had been deprived of the housing grant for not having land ownership certificates for more than two years. As many as 589 quake-affected families of Ward 8 and 365 of Ward 7 of the rural municipality have been living without land ownership certificates for the past 43 years.

A total of 150 houses are under construction in the district while 11 other houses in Ward 7 and 15 in Ward 8 have already been constructed.

The government has provided them the grant on the basis of the land tax they paid and documents provided to them by field engineers in November last year. Earlier, quake victims who didn’t have land ownership certificates were not allowed to sign the grant agreement.