Reconstruction reassessment halted

Kavre, October 26

Owing to undue pressure from locals, the surveyors and social mobilisers have halted the reassessment of reconstruction work in two wards of Roshi Rural Municipality in Kavre of late.

National Reconstruction Authority Dhulikhel Unit Chief Dhruba Gaida said, “Due to undue pressure from people of Roshi, reassessment of reconstruction work has been halted in wards 1 and 6 of the rural municipality.”

Gaida further informed that District Coordination Committee Kavre Coordinator Uddhav KC along with the teams of Reassessment and Resurvey Coordination Committee were monitoring the reassessment of reconstruction in the area.

As locals put pressure on survey engineers to assess cowsheds and the houses of siblings, District Coordination Committee began monitoring the assessment work at Bhumlu Rural Municipality from Monday.

Gaida clarified they would monitor the reassessment and the survey of earthquake victims in all the 13 local units of the district. “We will make sure no genuine victim will be excluded from the victims’ list,” he said.