Kavre, October 24

More than three years have passed since the deadly 2015 earthquakes struck the country. Reconstruction of private houses, however, has been very sluggish in Kavre.

Of the total recipients of the first instalment of the housing grant, only 2,734 quake victims have rebuilt their houses so far in the district.  According to National Reconstruction Authority Project Unit, Kavre, of the 68,773 quake victims who received first tranche of the housing grant, only 18, 804 have rebuilt their houses and received the third instalment.

The government had provided the housing grant to 17,371 quake victims while non-governmental organisations had provided assistance to 1,433 beneficiaries to rebuild their houses in the district.

The government has set the target of completing reconstruction of all the structures destroyed in the quakes within five years.

Of the total quake victims who have received the first tranche of the grant, 65.8 per cent have taken the second tranche of the grant as well. As many as 44,750 victims have received the second tranche of grant till date.  Of them, 42,620 received the grant from the government and 2,137 from non-governmental organisations. As many

as 82,833 families were incorporated on the list of beneficiaries in the district.