DAMAULI: Nepali Congress Vice-president Ramchandra Paudel on Tuesday stressed that the government required to launch the reconstruction plan as a national campaign in the aftermath of the recent devastating earthquake, in Tanahun.

Speaking at a two-day training on monastery management organised by the Promotion of Buddhist Philosophy and Monastery Development Committee at Byas-10, Bisghare today, Paudel said the state had to implement an integrated human settlement plan to relocate the quake displaced along with reconstruction of the country.

“Though the massive quake has caused a lot of damage in the country, it has also given an opportunity for renovation of the country. Hence, all of us should extend our hands to make it happen,” he said. He said that the newly built houses should be cheap, safe and small and have easy access to roads.

Paudel said that the country would get the constitution soon as the leaders had reached agreement regarding the constitution writing task and all the people would be working for development of the country after the statute was delivered.