Red Cross to build houses

Pokhara, January 19

Nepal Red Cross Society will construct 12,000 houses in earthquake affected districts across the country.

Red Cross central chairman Sanjiv Thapa said of the 14 the most affected districts in the country, 11,600 houses will be constructed in 11 districts, but not in valleys.

“The construction work will started soon as the requited amount has been collected,” he informed. He further added that Red Cross would strike an agreement with the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction within this week.

It is said there is no obstruction for construction work as the government has approved the reconstruction bill. The Red Cross has prepared a separate unit to operate the re-benefit programme after the completion of relief distribution.

The re-benefit unit was prepared to operate integrated programmes in the worse-hit districts. Coordinator Umesh Dhakal of the re-benefit programme said institutional development, health, drinking water, sanitation along with construction would be taken in an integrated way.

He said Red Cross had got commitment for more than Rs six billion to operate re-benefit programme through different donor agencies.

The Red Cross will launch the re-benefit programme in 14 districts now and the programme will be extended to other districts on the basis of the destruction.

Dhakal further added that at least five model houses would be prepared in each districts within two months. “We have been launching a training programme for masons,” he informed.