Red panda conservation bid

JHAPA, July 18

Preservation of red panda, a small arboreal mammal, has begun in the four VDCs of Ilam district.

Red Panda Network and Hilly Medicinal Herbs Production and Processing Organisation have started a special campaign to preserve the mammal in Jamuna, Jogmai, Pyang and Mabu VDCs of the district. Krishna Rai of the organisation said that 3,770 hectare of land in the VDCs will be covered by the campaign. “The campaign will uplift the living standard of the locals and will also increase the public awareness among them,” he added.

Similarly, Sonam Tashi Lama from the Red Panda Network said focus will be on providing safe habitat and grazing land to the mammals. “Red Panda Network is planning to allocate Rs 51 lakh for the campaign in the VDCs,” he informed.

It is said that the seven VDCs in Ilam are house to as many as 23 to 40 of the rare mammals.

Red Panda Network had deployed as many as 14 guardians in the VDCs for the preservation of the animals.

Hilly Medicinal Herbs Production and Processing Organisation has installed cameras for the same.

Meanwhile, locals said that Choyatar Community Forest of Jamuna has banned tourists from visiting the areas for three months as it is the breeding season for the mammals.