Refugee students seek repatriation

Himalayan News Service

Damak, June 24:

Bhutanese refugee youths and students said that they will not accept any alternative other than repatriation. The youths added that they will not follow the decision of Bhutanese political parties without discussing their problems and other important issues with them

Talking to The Himalayan Times, Dinesh Vishwa, a Bhutanese expatriate said: “No political party has talked with the youths and students about their problems and civil liberties.” He further said that youths are not ready to accept the decision of settling down in different areas of Nepal and the other Third World countries as part of the long-term solution.

Tika Subedi, a student of Beldangi refugee camp said: “We are being deprived of various rights, including education. We have lived here for 15 years but the solution is not in sight, therefore, repatriation is the only answer.” “We are in a gloomy state due to the extended period of our stay here but we not going to settle without our own state,” said Mahat Raj Subba, a refugee. However, Chhabi Lal Thapa, the secretary of the refugee camp said that they are not involving youths and students in finding a solution to the Bhutanese refugee problem. Meanwhile, another report said that students at the Bhutanese refugee camp in Bahundangi are facing difficulty due to lack of textbooks and notebooks. They complained that the problem started after the aid was reduced.