Biratnagar, January 10:

Bhutanese refugees will return to their motherland at any cost, Bhutanese human rights leader Teknath Rizal said at a programme held at the Beldangi refugee camp today.

Rizal visited the refugee camp today and held discussions with refugees.

The refugees will not bow down to the King, Rizal said, adding: “We will go back to our motherland at any cost.”

Calling on the refugees not to worry, Rizal said: “We all are trying our best for return to our country.”

About 30,000 Bhutanese refugees took part in the programme. “Talks between Bhutan and Nepal alone cannot solve the refugee problem,” Rizal said, adding: “Nepal should take initia-tives to make conducive environment for dialogue between the refugees and the Bhutan King.

The repatriation of the refugees has suffered due to lack of unity between Bhutanese associations and political parties, Rizal further said.

Cuts in relief assistance are unfair, Rizal said, adding that they had aggravated the problems of the refugees.