Relief eludes monsoon victims

DIPAYAL: The families of landslide and flood victims here in the district have not got the relief from the government, thanks to lack of report on the damage inflicted by the nature's fury.

Members of the monitoring committee, which was entrusted to collect data on the actual data of the loss of lives and properties in the floods and landslides in the district, said that they were still working on the same as the torrential rain wreaked havoc in almost all villages in the district.

Consequently, the victims' families, who have been frequenting the district headquarters hoping to get the government-announced succor, have been told to come again.

Tek Bahadur Dhami of BP Nagar, said condition of his family members was very pitiable in lack of food and shelter. "We have no food to eat and no house to live in. How can we survive amid such a situation now?'' 

The families also came down heavily on the leaders of political parties for the latter's apathy towards their plight. Kushalsingh Seti of Gasera said, "We are compelled to sleep in an open, that too without food. But no one has come to ask us how we are spending our days.''

CDO Bhawani Prasad Parajuli said that they would immediately begin distributing the relief after receiving the data. "We've no exact data of deceased and landslide affected people, which has halting the distribution of the relief.''

CDO Parajuli alleged that the leaders of the political parties were not serious to address the problems of the victims. District Chairman of Rastriya Janamorcha Party Benimadhav Joshi said, "We want that the real victims should get relief,'' adding,'' It's getting late to distribute relief.'' 

A meeting of District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee held on last Friday had failed to decide as to how long it would take to collect the data.

Eleven people had lost their lives and more than 300 families have been displaced by the landslides this monsoon. More than 1,000 households have been affected