• Finance ministry has pledged to provide them a loan of Rs 10m
Terhathum, May 12 The government has refused to provide relief of Rs 10 million announced by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to the victims of the fire at Terhathum’s Aathrai Sakranti Bazaar. The decision has left the fire victims worried. A massive fire had broken out at Sakranti bazaar on December 16, 2016. During his field observation of the incident site, Dahal had announced that the government would provide Rs 10 million to the victims from the Prime Minister Disaster Rescue Fund. The finance ministry has agreed to provide a loan of Rs 10 million to the victims at minimum interest, instead of Rs 10 million in relief that was promised and sought by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The finance ministry has agreed to provide the loan at two per cent interest rate for the 34 fire victims of Bhojpur and Terhathum. Victims at the urban area will receive Rs 2.5 million, while those in the rural area will receive Rs 1.5 million for house construction. A victim who was a businessman at Sankranti Bazaar Dipesh Prasai expressed sadness over the government’s decision to provide loan to house owners alone. He said the ministry’s decision had failed to address the great loss of property that traders bore during the incident. “The fire gutted investment worth millions. The announcement of the relief package had given hope to reinstate the business. But, turns out that was only empty words,” Prasai said. Terhathum CDO Ashman Tamang said loan at minimum interest would be provided to 34 house owners of two districts after the victims furnish verified details of damage in the fire. As many as 73 families were displaced in separate fire incidents in Bhojpur and Terhathum. Eight houses were gutted in Bhojpur headquarters on November 20, 2016, while 34 houses were gutted in Terhathum. READ ALSO: