Nepal | October 15, 2019

Relief for Kailali storm victims stalled

Tekendra Deuba

DHANGADHI: The relief distribution has been stalled in storm-hit Kailali due to lack of adequate statistics on the victims.

Sudur-Paschim government, Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City, Godawari Municipality and other local level governments decided to provide financial aid to the victims. However, in the absence of sufficient data, the relief has only been minimally distributed. The local authorities have not been able to collect complete data of the windstorm affected people even after 10 days have passed since the incident.


While local levels are still acquiring the statistics, District Disaster Management Committee could not move ahead in the relief process due to lack of complete data.

Sudur-Paschim government has decided on providing Rs 20,000 for the victims who lost their houses because of the storm, and Rs 10,000 for those who faced partial loss.

Likewise, Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City has decided on assisting with an amount of Rs 6,000 to those whose property were destroyed in the storm, Rs 3,000 to those who had their house and farm partially damaged, and Rs 1,500 to new mothers who have been affected by the storm.

Similarly, Godawari Municipality also decided to provide Rs 6,000 to victims whose houses were completely damaged in the natural disaster and Rs 2,500 to those who were partially affected by it. However, Chief Administrative Officer of Godawari Municipality Khemraj Bista informed that it would take additional 2 to 3 days to collect the data on victims.

Lamki-Chuha, Tikapur, Ghodaghodi Municipalities and Bardgoriya Rural Municipality have also decided to aid the victims but they too are unsure regarding the details.

According to Chief of Dhangadi Sub-Metropolitan City Nripa Bahadur Odd, the details on the damage are being collected by the ward offices. He added that primary data shows 6,000 houses are affected by the storm, of which over 1,900 houses are completely destroyed.

Chief District Officer and Coordinator of District Disaster Management Committee Yagya Raj Bohora informed that tents have been distributed to the victims for immediate relief.

Primary data collected by the District Disaster Management Committee showed the storm completely destroyed 2,216 houses while 7,844 families were affected by it, however, Dhangadi Sub-Metropolis claims that the storm affected families count over 6,000 in Dhangadhi itself.

Meanwhile, locals affected by the storm are lamenting for the lack of help from both provincial government and local levels.

(Translated by Kriti Joshi)

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