Relief not enough, say flood victims

Bardiya, August 9:

Flood-affected people in Bardia have demanded that the biscuits and beaten rice being provided to them as relief are not “enough”. They have asked the local administration to provide them rice and dal, saying that biscuits and beaten rice are causing them stomach aches.

Man Bahadur Thapa of Maohammedpur-7 said that he was suffering from diarrhoea relying on just beaten rice for the past two weeks.

“Noodles, beaten rice and biscuits are not enough. Children are weeping for lack for

proper food. When will the government give us rice and dal?”

Another flood-hit Chandra Bahadur Budha said, “It is time the government gave us rice and dal.” Bardiya Red Cross official Keshav Gautam said, “Wherever we go, flood victims seek rice and dal. How do we give them that? We have no rice and dal.”