Remote Bajura villagers demand parturition centre in return for votes

Bajura, June 14

Voters in Koti village in remote Himali Rural Municipality of Bajura, have sought a parturition centre in their locality in return for their votes in the upcoming second phase of local elections due in a couple of weeks.

Local Dhanjit Bohora said the villagers have agreed to seek a written commitment from political parties and their candidates campaigning for polls in this regard. “As pregnant women here are always at risk due to lack of a parturition centre, we’ve decided to vote for the candidate who commit in writing to set up such a centre,” he said.

Jaumati Bohora, another local, said women of the village hardly get themselves vaccinated or get their foetus checked during pregnancy. “As there is no transportation and even the nearest health facility is a day’s trek away, women are helpless,” she said.

Voters of the rural municipality also have other demands, including the construction of a road and a rice depot. While they have asked candidates canvassing for votes to develop a road to link Rugin and Bichhyan, they have also demanded a rice depot and distribution centre at Kawadi Bazaar and Dhulachur respectively. “As our fields don’t grow enough crops, we have to walk a long way to Kolti to buy rice, which is too much of a hassle, hence the demand for a depot in a more accessible place,” said local Randip Budhathapa, while Rana Bahadur Malla dwelt on the need of a road linking Rugin and Bichhyan. “The road is desirable for the development of the village,” he said.

Candidates of the major parties have also made these their main election agendas. CPN-UML’s Ajaya Bahadur Malla, Nepali Congress’s Govind Bahadur Malla and CPN-MC’s Arjun Budha are contesting for the post of chairperson from the rural municipality.