Renounce politics, Minister Pokharel tells teachers

Sindhulimadhi, May 21

Minister for Education Girirajmani Pokharel today urged teachers renounce involvement in politics.

Speaking at an interaction organised by District Education Office, Sindhuli, Minister Pokharel praised teachers for their contribution to educating society.

“A teacher has political rights. But, it is not appropriate for a teacher to neglect his duty of teaching students and get involved in political activities,” he added.

Minister Pokharel reiterated that teachers should focus on educating students.

On a different note, he said teachers of public schools should enroll their wards in the same school they were teaching. “It surprises me why teachers do not enroll their children in the same school they teach,” he said.

Stating that development of the country without education was not possible, the minister urged the teachers not to deviate from their noble duties.