Repeated cash crunch in Taulihawa

KAPILBASTU: Though the Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has assured of sufficient cash nationwide in banks from Thursday, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Taulihawa branch, has yet to get rid of from cash crunch.

Because of cash shortage, officials of NGOs, schoolteachers in the district have not got their salaries yet as the bank lacks enough cash as NRB failed to provide money by Friday. Bank sources said they could not release more than Rs 20,000 to a consumer due to lack of desired amount of money. Ajay Yadav, teacher of Rastriya Primary School, Purushottampur, who had come to receive salary, said he was obliged to live in a hotel paying high cost for three days. He said Rs 20,000 could not solve his problems. Bank officials said it could take two days to bring cash from NRB, Bhairawaha branch. Santosh Kumar Kasaudhan of Prabhu Money Transfer, Taulihawaha said costumers have returned empty-handed due to cash crisis. Commoners have started going Butwal and Bhairawaha for withdrawing their money from private banks and remittance centers after they were not given a chance to withdraw cash from bank in Taulihawa.