Report on petro products

Kathmandu, September 21:

A report on petroleum products, which was the result of studies conducted by the government after the recent petro-price hike, was handed over to PM Girija Prasad Koirala today.

The “secret” report, according to sources, tries to justify the need to hike prices of petroleum products. However, members of the panel that prepared the report refused to tell anything about its contents to journalists invited by the Ministry for Industries, Commerce and Supplies.

The panel, which was formed after the August 18 hike in prices was greeted by protests all over the country, is headed by former finance secretary Bhanu Prasad Acharya. The government rolled back the hike after the protests. “We cannot say anything as we are not allowed to do so. This report is the property of the Cabinet and it will only decide whether to make it public,” Acharya said.

The committee made a detailed study of supplies, costing and market management of petroleum products.