Report on Tarai stir submitted

Kathmandu, January 16

Nine youth leaders of Nepali Congress, who toured eight districts of the Madhes recently, today submitted their visit report to the party’s three top leaders urging them to settle the boundary questions on the basis of the principle of federalism and experts’ opinion.

The report cautioned the party leadership that if the party ignored the agenda and sentiments of Madhes, it would lose its hold in the Tarai where it had bagged the largest share of votes in the last Constituent Assembly elections.

The report prepared on the basis of interaction with party cadres and well-wishers in eight districts of Madhes stated that in the name of fast-tracking the constitution making process, the party had ignored the voices of its own leaders.

“Had the government addressed the two-point amendment proposal in the very beginning, people in Madhes might not have resorted to the ongoing movement,” states the report. The report suggests revision in the constitution amendment proposal in a way that can win the confidence of the agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front.

The report said that leaders’ mentality of keeping certain places undivided was wrong.

The report also states that the party should not have backtracked from the Mahasamiti’s decision to have three provinces in Madhes. The report also suggests that Chure range and Koshi River should be incorporated in province-2 to ensure economic capability of the province.

Cautioning the party leadership about increased polarisation in the Madhes, the report said the NC was becoming defensive in Madhes where it had bagged the largest share of votes.

The group made six recommendations telling the party to take the UDMF into confidence while passing the Constitution Amendment Bill. The group also told the party to settle the boundary question on the basis of the principle of federalism as well as to heed experts’ opinion.

The top leaders told the youth leaders that problems of Madhes would be resolved through NC leadership.