Pokhara, February 1 :

Nepali Congress (NC) leader Narahari Acharya today said the party would fight constituent assembly polls on republican agenda.

Speaking at an interaction organised here, Acharya said, “NC president Girija Prasad Koirala’s views on ceremonial monarchy are his personal views. However, NC will go to the CA polls with the agenda of a republican set-up.”

Demanding to call the NC Mahasamiti meeting to take the decision over the issue, Acharya said, “Since party cadres are confused due to lack of particular agenda, party president Koirala has to decide on the party agenda for the CA polls by calling a mahasamati meeting.”

“It will be suicidal for the party if we decide to give continuity to constitutional monarchy after the 11th convention of the NC has decided to remove the clause of constitutional monarchy,” Acharya said.

“The agitation in the Terai seemed to be heading towards a federal system after the Prime Minister’s address yesterday.”

“The political parties should move towards progress and not ignore the wishes and sentiments of the people,” said Acharya.