Reservation cut-off in employee bill draws flak

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers representing Dalit community have expressed displeasure over the government's preparation to come up with the Employee Bill by slashing the existing arrangement of reservation.

The lawmakers said so at an interaction 'Issues of Dalits on Employee Bill' organised by Samata Foundation in the capital on Wednesday.

The employee bill tabled by the government in the parliament is against Article 40 of the Nepal Constitution, the lawmakers noted.

The Civil Service Act-2064 BS has specified an arrangement of reservation in the civil service. Supposing 45 per cent reservation as 100, it has ensured 33 per cent reservation to women, 27 per cent to indigenous nationalities, 22 per cent to Madhesi, nine per cent to Dalits and five per cent to people living with Disability.

However, the bill registered in the parliament has reduced the reservation to 24 per cent for indigenous nationalities, 20 per cent for Madhesi and three per cent for people living with disabilities. The bill has added Tharu and Muslim to the list of reservation.

The lawmakers have demanded amendment to the proposed new arrangement in the bill that the reservation can be utilised only one time.

Among the lawmakers expressing reservation on the bill were Laxmi Pariyar, Anjana Bisankhe and Bimala Biswokarma.