Revised list of RJP-N, RPP provincial PR poll winners incorrect: EC

Kathmandu, January 7

The Election Commission said that the corrected list of Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and Rastriya Prajatantra Party submitted to the poll panel was found to be incorrect.

The poll panel said that it had again directed those two parties to correct the list they submitted.

“We will not publish the names of winning candidates,  if those parties do not give us their corrected lists,” said an EC official on condition of anonymity .

RJP-N leader Manish Kumar Suman said that his party would not recommend another name, as the name submitted

to the poll panel was its final decision. He said that the EC had asked his party to include one Khas /Arya in the provincial PR list, which his party could not do.

“We will not give any seat to Khas/ Arya, as we got the seat from Madhesi votes,” said Suman. He said that the poll panel could itself declare the winner from the names the RJP-N had submitted prior to the election.

According to Suman, his party could not give seat to people of communities, which had ruled for hundreds of years. He also said that giving seats to the people from Khas/Arya was not compulsory for parties that got 10 per cent or less than 10 per cent seats.

RPP leader Mohan Shrestha said that his party would again send the same list that it had sent earlier. “The winner has already organised a victory feast and accepted congratulations,” he said, adding that it would be injustice to the people who were declared winners. He said that the name was selected following consultations with EC officers and the party’s meeting, so it could not be changed.