Rijal unhappy with FNJ

POKHARA, June 30

Minister for Information and Communications Minendra Rijal today accused the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) of not cooperating with his efforts directed towards the welfare and well-being of the media and journalists in the country.

Talking to journalists in Pokhara, Rijal expressed unhappiness at the FNJ’s non-cooperation with his effort to do something good for the media and journalists. “I have sent the draft statute to the FNJ President for revision of the clause on press freedom. But, response has not come,” Rijal said, adding, “I have heard a lot about the clauses and articles on press freedom from various quarters. The FNJ, however, has not responded.”

Rijal alleged that FNJ had objected to his proposal to bring out new Mass Media Policy to reform media in the country.

Noting that FNJ’s perspective on development of journalism and journalists’ welfare had never been clear, he reminded that the culture of opposition and protest would not do any good to the stakeholders.

On the mushrooming online portals, Rijal asked why there should not be a uniform policy to view all online portals. “Online portals are numerous. They write arbitrarily. Should they not abide by any code of conduct? Are they above the law?” he asked.

Rijal sought cooperation from FNJ and journalists to introduce the new mass media policy that his ministry was going to bring. He urged the FNJ and journalists to clarify their views on what the media policy for the country should be.