Ring-Tailed Lemur goes public in Central Zoo

KATHMANDU: The Central Zoo at Jawalakhel in Lalitpur has put on display its latest members of animals-a pair of the Ring-Tailed Lemurs.

The large strepsirrhine primate has been provided to the Central Zoo by the District Forest Office, Kathmandu, according to Information officer at the Zoo, Leena Palikhe.

The species of this endangered mammal is originally found on the African island of Madagascar and some tiny neighboring islands. With the average life span of 16-19 years, the herbivorous animal falls into the species of chimpanzee.

Put in display for the visitors are a five-year-old male ring-tailed lemur and female of the same age. These animals feed on fruits and insects.

The Zoo currently houses over 1,219 animals, birds and reptiles of altogether 1, 027 species. The total revenue collection from the Zoo in the last fiscal year was recorded at Rs 140 million.

More than 100,000 visitors, including foreigners, had visited the Zoo, shared Information Officer Palikhe.