RNA notice on UN task

Kathmandu, March 3:

The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) has recently sent circulars to all its units reminding them that soldiers, who have been indicted of human rights abuse, would not be allowed to take part in the United Nations’ peace-keeping missions abroad. “The policy of not sending those violating human rights for peace-keeping missions was already in place, but we have recently sent a reminder to the units,” said Brigadier General, BA Kumar Sharma, the chief of the RNA’s legal department. The army’s policy on the UN missions was published in the ‘Military Orders’ on Wednesday.

The RNA also said it is re-investigating those disapearance cases, which were not solved after earlier probe. High level task forces coordinated by a Colonel in the Mid-Western, Central and Valley Divisions are working on it. “The task forces will submit their reports within a week,” said a senior army official.