Road connects Bajhang, Bajura headquarters

Bajura, January 22

Life has become easier for the locals of Bajura and Bajhang after the road that connects the headquarters of both districts was completed.

Earlier, it would take four days to get to Bajhang headquarters Chainpur from Bajura headquarters Martadi. But After construction of the 71-km direct road linking the two districts, travel time has been shortened by three times.

The people of these districts were connected to each other socially and culturally for centuries. The road connectivity has now elated locals of both the districts. Bajhang is home to more than 10,000 girls married and brought from Bajura. The number of girls coming to Bajura after getting married from Bajhang is not less.

School Inspector Dharmaraj Joshi working at District Education Office, Bajura, said that direct road connectivity had provided relief to around 300 teachers and employees of Bajhang district who work at various offices in Bajura.

Khaptad Chhanna Rural Municipality-7 Chair Ram Bahadur Singh said road connectivity had made it easy to get health service on time. “After a direct bus service started for Bajura headquarters, we take patients to Bajura headquarters for treatment,” Singh stated.

Road connectivity between the two districts has also increased economic activities in both the districts. Locals from Bajura’s Dogadi area take their agricultural produce such as potatoes to  Bajhang headquarters for sale.