Road construction elates Chure area locals in Siraha

Siraha, May 19

Locals of Dhangadimai Municipality have become happy after the beginning of road construction work in the northern part Chure area in Siraha.

Human settlements in Mahajani, Masyan, Sarre lack even the basic facilities and are not even connected with roads. Though the then Bishnupurakatti VDC was merged with Dhangadimai Municipality, locals of these areas are deprived of even basic amenities.

For want of road, patients and new mothers are forced to walk a long distance. Keeping this in mind, the municipality has recently started constructing the road. Patients from the area are facing difficulties as they have to walk long hours to reach the health centre for treatment. Due to lack of the road, school children have to walk hours to reach school located at SarreAmbash. During monsoon locals have to face even more difficulties as they get cut off from other villages.

Dhangadimai Municipality Mayor Hari Narayan Chaudhary said that municipality had started to open the track in remote area of the municipality. According to Chaudhary, the track will be opened at the cost of Rs 2.5 million. The road will benefit around 5,000 people of Khutti, Mahajani, Sarre and Madyan.

The municipality has set the target to open track for five kilometre road to connect the remote Chure area with market place. Locals of Chure area had not thought even in dream that the road would be opened. RuplalBiswokarma said that he had never thought that road track would be opened. “opening of the road track has made us happy,” Biswokrma said.

Min Bahadur Magar, 26, who came from the health centre walking along with his wife, who gave birth to a baby, expressed happiness to see the ongoing track opening work.

Locals from Sarre, Ambash, Bhalutar, Chattyan, Khuti, Marayan, Mahajani used to visit village in neighbouring Udayapur district to cast votes for lack of road in the past. Locals said that they used to visit Udayapur to cast votes as leaders had always ignored the development in their area.

Locals had transferred their voters’ name list to Siraha and cast their ballot after parties pledged to carry out development in the area irrespective of election results in the last civic polls. In line with promises made during the polls, municipality has allocated Rs 2.5 million for track opening and Rs 2 million for electrification of villages here.

Municipality chief administrative officer Ramhari Sharma said that municipality was working with a plan to connect settlements in Chure with highway. ‘Municipality will carry out survey on bridges for road construction to provide health, education and electricity to the people,” Sharma said.