Chitwan, August 16 Road expansion along the Narayangadh-Muglin road section, a major roadway connecting the capital with Tarai, is unlikely to be completed within the contracted time. As per the contract, the expansion project was supposed to be completed by April next year. However, the contract was extended by four-and-half months after last year’s devastating earthquake and border blockade. The project is now slated to be completed by mid-September 2017. Though work on the road expansion project began in April 2015, only about 25 per cent of the total task has been completed in 15 months, though the contractors were supposed to have completed more than 31 per cent of the work by now. If the expansion work goes on in the same pace, completion of the remaining 75 per cent work is highly unlikely within one year. Engineer Shiva Khanal of the road expansion project said only two per cent work was carried out in the last two months due to landslides triggered by incessant rainfall. The project’s manpower is being used to clear landslide debris on the road, said Khanal. “It is also risky to demolish the cliff above the road as it could trigger landslides. Expansion work is currently under way at Dasdhunga Mode and Jalbire area,” said Khanal. As expansion work cannot be carried out in a smooth manner due to recurring landslides, the contractor companies have downsized the number of workers during monsoon. “Various festivals are fast approaching post-monsoon and it will be more difficult to carry on the task until Chhath festival is over,” said Khanal. The road from Muglin to 16 Kilo will be widened by nine metres and the road from 16 Kilo to Aaptari will be widened by 11 metres. World Bank has provided with aid amounting to Rs 2.9 billion for the project, whereas BLC, an Indian company, and Shrestha Construction Company have been entrusted with the road expansion from Aaptari to Dasdhunga. Similarly, Woodhill and Supreme Construction Company — both Indian companies — and Lama Construction Company and Rautahat Company have received contract for the road expansion.