Road to be widened in Dhangadi

Dhangadi, November 15

Dhangadi-Attariya section Road expansion project has begun in Kailali district.

Mahendra Raj Panta, engineer at Road Division Office Mahendranagar, said they have already completed field survey and were in the process of designing the road. “The survey for expansion and upgrading of the 14-km road section has been completed and its designing is under way,” said Panta.

Though the government had declared it would expand the road up to four lanes in view of the rapid urbanisation and increase in the number of vehicles earlier, work is under way for the final touch up now. “If the road is expanded to four lanes, it will help avert road accidents as well,” said locals.

“We are planning to expand the road along with a pavement,” said Panta. With the growing pressure of population and vehicles, folks here had been demanding expansion of the road section for a long time. The road section is also being encroached.

According to Panta, the road has enough space to be widened up to 25 metres on both sides. He, however, complained that the budget was yet to be allocated for the project.

With the aim of developing Dhangadi and Attariya as modern cities, regional integrated urban development project has been launched in both the municipalities.