Roads being expanded without following EIA report

Bajura, February 27

Though local levels in Bajura have conducted environment impact assessment for construction of roads, the recommendations of EIA are not being followed in the district.

As per the EIA report, reforestation needs to be carried out if plants are felled during construction; channels and other infrastructure damaged have to be rebuilt, but these provisions are not being implemented while expanding roads in the district.

EIA was carried out for 14 roads at Himali Rural Municipality, Gaumul Rural Municipality, Swamikartk Rural Municipality and Budhinanda Municipality, but the recommendations of the EIA reports have not been implemented.

Officer at Budhinanda Municipality Ram Datta Neupane said the EIA reports were prepared for projects, but they were stored inside office cabinets. He said EIAs are yet to be implemented while operating the project.

Beldanda-Kapkot road section is being constructed in Budhinanda Municipality. The road section is covered by forest for a stretch of five kilometres. EIA was carried out.

But locals complained that no trees were planted though trees were felled in the area.

Civil Society leader Janesh Bhandari said no one had paid attention to rebuilt damaged infrastructure.