Robbers snatch away jewellery from buried corpse

ILAM: In an unprecedented incident of robbery, jewellery was stolen from a grave at Namsalingh of Moijogmai Rural Municipality-4 in Ilam district on Friday night.

The Mangal Sutra – a necklace worn by Hindu women symbolising marriage – was stolen from the corpse which was disinterred from the grave.

The mortal remains belonged to Sunita Limbu of Namsaling, who died at the age of 30 while on the way to Jhapa for treatment on Wednesday, was buried as per the Limbu rituals on Thursday.

Bhuvan Limbu, a local said that the necklace was stolen from the grave within 24 hours of the burial.

"It seems that the body was disinterred with the belief that there were a lot of ornaments," he said adding "The thief re-buried the body after stealing everything except the earrings."

The locals informed that the thief was yet to be identified and termed the act 'extremely disgusting'.

It is a tradition in the Limbu community to bury the dead body along with the deceased's ornaments and other used objects.