Robbery victims in Sunsari rue their woes

Sunsari, October 7 :

Scores of villagers attacked at different times by dacoits on the Nepal-India border are still deprived of proper treatment due to lack of money.

Altogether three villagers have died and over a hundred have been injured by dacoits ever since police posts were shifted away from different VDCs bordering India, during the royal regime. Of those injured, the condition of over a dozen is critical, said villagers. Locals are infuriated because the government has not cared to help or provide security to them.

Shyam Sapkota sustained a bullet injury in a robbery incident on April 24, 2005, said former chairperson of Amarduwa VDC Jeevchha Kumar Raya adding that Nirmal also suffered a broken leg in the incident. Seventeen persons including Jeeten Kumar, Pawan Kumar, Ashok, Kapendra, Ram Kumar, Sundar, Shayam, Susupal have sustained bullet injuries at the hands of dacoits.

Those who sustained serious bullet injuries and had their limbs broken were treated with the assistance of locals and the VDC. However, those who sustained only minor injury have been ignored, said Raya.

The injured people who had money got themselves treated at the Koshi zonal hospital while poorer ones are languishing, said former chairperson of Amahibelha VDC Baleshwor Chaudhari. Dil Kumar Shrestha of Amahibelha VDC-5 was killed by dacoits on May 10, 2005. He has left behind three daughters. His widow is struggling to keep the family. A woman from Dharan read of Shrestha’s family’s plight in the Annapurna Post and provided them Rs 20,000.

Som Nath Chaulagain and his wife Sita also sustained bullet injuries in that same incident. Hari Narayan Chaudhari of Amarduwa-4 was killed by dacoits on May 13, 2005. Shivaraj Raya was critically injured by dacoits on May 20, 2005.

Yogendra Raya of Purbakushaha-9 was killed by dacoits in January 24, 2006 while Ashok Chaudhari was injured in the incident. Pitambar Raya of Amarduwa-2 sustained a critical injury in the chin but is langusihing sans treatment.

Incidents of dacoity increased after the area police posts at Chimadi and Dewangunj and the police post at Kaptangunj were displaced, said sub-inspector Dambar Banjara at the Chimadi police post. The Chimadi post was reinstated two months ago.

Amarduwa, Amahibelha, Ramgunjbelgachhiya, Sahebgunj, Kaptangunj, Chimdi and Purbakushaha VDCs in Sunsari district are ravaged by dacoits. Yesterday, Maoists caught hold of an alleged dacoit Bashudev Mehata in Kaptangunj and handed him over to the police.