Rolpa witnessing surge in number of road accidents in rural areas

KATHMANDU: Increase in the number of accidents on rural roads of Rolpa district continues as most of the roadways in inner and rural parts of the district are congested and unsystematic, which is causing a huge loss of lives and properties every year.

The statistics of District Police Office (DPO), Rolpa show that in 20 road accidents occurred in the fiscal year 2015-2016, seven people lost their lives while 12 had been left severely injured.

The district recorded 36 road accidents last fiscal year and the death toll was five. At least 27 people sustained injuries above the normal range.

Until the first eight months of the current fiscal year, eight people were killed and two were severely injured while 10 sustained minor injuries in separate eight accidents that took place in this period.

Accidents involving tractors are on the rise in byways in this hilly district of Province 5. A school child had died few days ago at Hyama after being hit by a tractor carrying members of a wedding procession.

The DPO said increasing road casualties in the district has drawn its concern, and preventive measures are being taken to cope with the situation.

Traffic awareness classes in schools, 'one minute with driver' programme, and discussion with passengers about driver's behaviour have been implemented in the district to reduce road accidents, added the DPO.

Traffic accident rate is relatively very low in urban and blacktopped roads in comparison to rural and gravel roads in the district.