Rolpali women seeking justice

Rolpa, December 3

As the country marks the 16-day nation-wide campaign to end gender-based violence, women in Rolpa district continue to struggle.

The Women and Children Office, Rolpa, has held various programmes on the occasion of 26th International Day against Gender-based Violence during this period.

Violence against women seem to be quite the norm in these regions as is made apparent by the highlighted cases, such as that of Jaikala Dangi, 21, of Iribang in the district who seek justice against her husband and family members after they repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Similarly, Shanti Budha, 33, of Kureli-4 went to the police  after he married another woman and subsequently withheld all her documents including her citizenship certificate. Yet another anguished woman is Rita Khati, 23, of Sakhi-3 who left home when her husband beat her while his family members ignored her pleas for help ignored her.

In close-knitted communities especially, the stigma attached to violence more often than not result in unreported cases and even then, Women and Children Service Centre under the District Police Office, Rolpa, has received a total of 52 cases of violence against women in the current fiscal year, 2016/17.

Noteworthy is the fact that all of the victims who have filed cases faced both physical and mental torture from their husbands and family members. Furthermore, most of the cases of violence against women have taken place due to consumption of excessive alcohol.

To put an end to this violation of the most basic human rights, a monitoring group has been formed and women cooperatives as well as regular meetings of the District Coordination Committee have been taking place to end gender-based violence.

Programme Officer of the UNFPA, Rolpa, Raju Joshi said that various awareness programmes have been launched in the district to eliminate gender-based violence. An arrangement of ‘safe house’ has been made for women victim of violence in the district with the collaboration of Women and Children Office.

Likewise, Social Development Officer at the District Development Committee, Rolpa, Ratna Jyoti Hamal, said that women should be more aware themselves and work towards ending gender-based violence.

Hamal also stressed on the need of implementation of the laws strictly. She said that the DDC, Rolpa has launched capacity and skill development programmes and income generation programmes to make women more self-reliant.

Women rights activist, Saraswoti Acharya said that ironically, even the wives of right activists are victims of gender-based violence.