Rotting bodies pollute highway

Himalayan News Service

Dipayal, May 24:

The stench of the rotting bodies of Maoists killed in aerial and land strikes by the security forces at Hagulte on Dhangadi-Bhim Dutta Highway is polluting the area. The bodies of the 15 Maoists, killed in attacks from Wednesday morning to Thursday evening, are yet to be cleared troubling the passers by. The travellers believe there are more bodies scattered but not recovered due to fog and dense forest.

Rajendra Neupane, the principal of Pabitra Higher Secondary Boarding School who arrived in Dipayal from Dhangadi via the highway yesterday said the travellers were having hard time to pass through the locality. The drivers plying vehicles on the highway also demanded immediate removal of the bodies from the site. The security sources claimed the death of 15 Maoists but the Maoists denied the reports accepting the death of only 11of their cadres and seizure of five modern weapons of the forces.