Routine vaccination affected by coronavirus-lockdown in Udaypur

GAIGHAT: The coronavirus crisis has led to the shutdown of routine vaccination schedules in Udaypur, risking the resurgence of other diseases.

The nationwide lockdown imposed to curb the possible spread of the virus has led to suspension of routine vaccination programs for eleven preventable diseases including polio, measles, pneumonia, Japanese encephalitis, among others.

As the lockdown restricts vehicular movement, supply chain as well as storage of the vaccines have been distrupted.

According to Chief of District Public Health Office, Mohan Subedi, "Vaccination programme has been halted as the lockdown has majorly influenced transportation of the vaccines. Moreover, the decision was also taken in a bid to maintain physical distancing."

This has deprived approximately 7,800 children's access to routine vaccination, putting them at risk of infectious, preventable diseases, a concern atop the coronavirus pandemic.