Royalists deceiving people, says Prachanda

Pyuthan, March 14:

CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda said today that the concepts of a new Nepal and a federal

republic emerged from the Rapti zone.

Addressing a programme organised at Chakchake in Pyuthan, he said that the force that imposed a state of emergency in the country during the royal regime are now deceiving the people by claiming themselves as republicans.

He assured that the people of Rapti would be the first ones to experience a new Nepal if the Maoists are elected to the constituent assembly through the April 10 election.

“If we get majority votes, the country will be guided in a new way and it will be initiated from Rapti zone,” Prachanda said.

Some people are conspiring against the constituent assembly election, he said, adding: “I have found that many Nepal Army, Armed Police Force and Nepal Police officers and personnel are in favour of lasting peace and the Maoists.”

A new leadership is a must for Nepal and that is possible only from the Maoists, he claimed.

“There is much noise about the wall paintings depicting me as the future president of Nepal. What would happen to them if the people elect me as the president?” he asked, adding he was already the president of the Dalits, the underprevileged communities and the patriots during the decade-long armed war in the country.

CPN-Maoist will bring an economic revolution in the country in the coming 10 years after the constituent assembly elections, he said while urging the people to vote for the Maoists, which, according to him, is a true pro-republic party.

Prachanda came here in connection to his visit to Liwang of Rolpa, where he is scheduled to address a mass meeting tomorrow.