RPP Chair Thapa urges youth to focus on building prosperous country

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman Kamal Thapa said the youth organisation must forward the party's agendas including the subject of Hinduism as state religion.

At an interaction on 'Present Issue, Party's Condition and Youth's Role' held here today by RPP's sister wing, National Democratic Youth Organisation, Thapa said the youth can play an important role in making a prosperous country. He added that country's development and prosperity can be maintained by bracing the traditional values and norms.

He also expressed concern over the privatisation of industries and their destruction during the people's war, and compulsion faced by some 547,000 youths to head to Middle East to find work.

Stating that youth have an important role to play in establishing the party's agendas of constitutional monarchy and Hinduism as state religion, the RPP Chair urged them to commit themselves in building the organisation. Thapa was of the view that the country's final alternatives were Hindu nation and monarchy.