RPP not to back King: Rana

Biratnagar, September 20:

Chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), Pashupati SJB Rana, today said the RPP was not in favour of monarchy anymore.

Speaking at a press meet here, Rana said, “The RPP is not in favour of monarch now. The party activists throughout the country are also of the same view.”

The party’s statute needs some changes regarding its stance on monarchy and this can be done in another general assembly of the party, he said. He added that the decision regarding removing the clause related to monarchy from the party statute would be made in a legitimate way.

He clarified that RPP had protested the King’s direct rule. “We had continued protests against the then government under the King’s direct rule”, Rana said. He alleged that it was the King who had played a role in dividing RPP into three factions.

Saying that the RPP was now proceeding on the path of progressive reform, Rana said the main objective of the party was to introduce a federal system in the country. Rana added that the RPP would take to the streets against the seven-party alliance, the Maoists and the government after Tihar.

He said that though RPP was the third biggest party in the parliament, it is not being given any importance. Saying that the country was not the private property of the seven parties, Rana said a street agitation would be launched against the government for trying to distance RPP from government. He added that the RPP would not hesitate to launch a satyagraha against the Maoists if they don’t improve their conduct.

Rana claimed the RPP would lead a huge section of people dissatisfied by the seven parties and the Maoists. He added that RPP was playing a creative and responsible role in the ongoing peace process. “Fair election will not be possible if the Maoists continue to bear arms. The government must provide security and political guarantee as an alternative,” he said.