Rs 350 million required for Morang flood victims

Biratnagar, August 28

District Administration Office, Morang, said that it required Rs 350 million to provide relief to the flood-displaced people in the district. The government has decided to give Rs 70 per day to each flood victim.

According to Morang CDO Ram Prasad Acharya, to implement the government decision, they require Rs 354.40 million to provide relief to 16,879 persons of 3,880 displaced families.

CDO Acharya said that the DAO had distributed Rs 2.9 million for flood victims. “We distributed Rs 2.9 million to some victims recommended by the elected representatives,” CDO Acharya said.

Acharya said that as they could not distribute relief amounts to all the displaced as they had distributed money to the fully displaced people only in the first phase. He said that 16 persons were killed in the flood and landslide in the district.